The <a href="">neteller online casinos</a> Best Features of Ocean Online Casino

Ocean Online Casino live support staff is available during specific hours seven days a week. The casino offers three options to reach their customer service representatives:

  • Live chat
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

For gamers that don’t have the time to reach out to a member of the customer support team, the casino features an extensive frequently asked questions section that covers a good range of enquires.

Is Ocean Online Casino Unique?

Ocean Online Casino is still in the building process, which means that they are trying to establish themselves as a contender in the industry. Their platform has many distinct aesthetic features which encourage users to spend a prolonged period on the site.

What Makes Ocean Online Casino Unique?

One of the main aspects that makes Ocean Online Casino unique is, in part, due to the colors they use on their website. While most online casinos tend to use darker colors to give players the feel of being in a casino, Ocean Online Casino presents a bright site made up of different shades of blue and white.

Should You Choose Ocean Online Casino?

Currently, Ocean Online Casino is an excellent choice for gamers that enjoy playing slots. The site does have poker and roulette online, but the selection is limited. The amount of promotions available for both new and current users is an appealing feature of the site, however, so players should undoubtedly continue to check in for new updates to the casino.

Our Summary on Ocean Online Casino

Ocean Online Casino is a casino that leaves itself lots of room to grow. With only a year under its belt, the casino is off to a wonderful start. While it does lack in some areas, the casino appears to understand its shortcomings and continues to make strides to address the issues.

  • Table games

The fact that Ocean Online Casino realizes that they must offer their users more than just the standard slot games is noteworthy considering that other online casinos have been operating for years and still don’t have the option of games such as blackjack online.

  • Fast gamesOne of the best parts about this casino is how fast the games load. It is clear that Ocean Online Casino has been cautious with their choice of software partners and made a concerted effort to provide their users with the best gaming experience.
  • Slot selection

If you love to play the slots, you will enjoy the great selection that this casino has to offer. Slots make up the bulk of the casino’s library with over 60 choices. The themes are fun and include popular options such as Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, Cleopatra, and Big Prize Bubblegum.

  • Rotation of winners

Ocean Online Casino is eager to show how often players can win real money through their casino. Any time a user wins anything from $2 and up, their name is added to a rotating winners list. This list is an encouragement to other players and demonstrates how much money you can win as you continue to play.

  • Easy to navigate

The layout of the site is appealing, which contributes to how easy it is to find games and different features. With one click, users can access their available promotions, make a deposit or withdrawal and view other details regarding the settings on their account.

Where Ocean Online Casino is Lacking

  • Customer service

The live chat feature is a great asset, but it takes a long time for representatives to either answer or find answers to questions that should be straightforward. The same holds true when you call in for phone assistance. E-mail support is only available from 8 AM to 2 AM, which limits users in their ability to reach out for help when they need it.