Sodium/potassium ratio transform is actually associated with the blood pressure level transform: possibility of population method for salt/potassium proportion losing health checkup

Recently, the sodium (Na)/potassium (K) ratio was reported to be associated with blood pressure (BP). A Na/K ratio self-monitoring device using spot urine was established recently. Here, we assessed whether the urinary Na/K ratio change measured using the Na/K device was associated with BP change in a health checkup setting. We targeted 12,890 participants who attended the health checkup in Tome City, Miyagi between 2017 and 2018. Tome City introduced urinary Na/K ratio measurements during health checkups since 2017. For each year, we compared the baseline characteristics according to the urinary Na/K ratio and BP level. We assessed the relationship between change in urinary Na/K ratio and BP change using multiple regression analyses adjusted for age, sex, and change in body mass index (BMI) and alcohol intake. The average urinary Na/K ratio was significantly lower in 2018 than in 2017 (5.4 ± 3.0 to 4.9 ± 2.2, P < 0.01). The systolic BP of the participants in 2018 (130.9 ± 17.4 mmHg) was lower than that in 2017 (132.1 ± 17.9 mmHg). Moreover, the change in systolic BP and diastolic BP was positively associated with the change in urinary Na/K ratio. In conclusion, the association of the change in urinary Na/K ratio with hypertension and changes in systolic and diastolic BP can be explained by a change in alcohol intake, BMI, and urinary Na/K ratio. Therefore, measuring the urinary Na/K ratio in community settings is a potential population approach for counteracting hypertension.


Recently, it actually was reported that the newest sodium (Na)/potassium (K) proportion was from the hypertension (BP) during the a corner-sectional data [step one,dos,step 3,4]. That is questioned as the higher Na and K consumption try recognized to get linked to highest and you may reasonable BP, correspondingly [5,6,7]. At exactly the same time, research has become conducted to the resource opinions and you may factors contributing to this new Na/K proportion before seasons [8, 9].

Sodium/potassium ratio transform is regarding the blood circulation pressure transform: odds of society approach for salt/potassium ratio loss of wellness checkup

Inside a residential district form, it is hard for people to assess the real Na intake due to the fact Na intake are typically analyzed from the twenty-four-h urine collection. Even though several equations for quoting Na intake otherwise K consumption using relaxed place pee had been has just founded, this type of equations commonly specific sufficient to promote viewpoints to the individuals [10,11,12]. Additionally, given that formula needs measuring Na, K, and creatinine account into the a lab, it entails several weeks to get the outcomes for somebody. Regardless of if players realize that sodium cures is good for decreasing BP, he’s no chance from determining their Na top.

Has just, a beneficial Na/K ratio thinking-overseeing unit having fun with place urine is actually depending . Although it didn’t measure the genuine Na consumption height, it can give feedback regarding the urinary Na/K equilibrium within seconds. Additionally, a keen interventional otherwise observational studies with this specific screen recommended that this is a helpful equipment so you’re able to imagine the newest urinary Na/K proportion [thirteen, 14].

Hence, although we have no solution to assess the Na/K ratio inside fitness checkup setup, i thought that evaluating the newest urinary Na/K proportion for the a medical checkup website may have the potential to include feedback towards the general population about their Na/K ratio and may have an impact on perception change, improvement in action date me giriÅŸ, Na/K proportion avoidance, and you can BP avoidance. Within this study, i examined whether or not the urinary Na/K proportion changes mentioned towards Na/K proportion measurement tool is actually in the BP alter separate out-of confounding points such as for example bmi (BMI) change and alter in alcoholic beverages intake and you will compared the latest BP peak and urinary Na/K proportion on society height.