J&V Comissions

In 2012, CMTANC received a generous donation from J&V foundation to kick-start a new commission project featuring the works of Asian composers.

We work with composers to commission works for all levels of young musicians. Our goal is to introduce Chinese culture through newly composed music. New music does not have to be intimidating. It is our goal to curate a collection of fun and culturally inspiring works for students.

We encourage you to browse through these works and it is our hope that you will use them in CMTANC (USIMC) competitions or in your future concerts.

About Children’s Games

This collection of twelve pieces features the theme of children’s games. These games range from traditional folk games to modern games. Classic children’s games are usually played informally by children aged 7 to 13 with minimal equipment. Passing informally from generation to generation, children learn these games by example from other children. This collection helps introduce these traditional games to our next generation.


Violin: Jump Rope 、Kite Flying 、Freeze Tag

Piano: Janzi 、 Duck Duck Goose、 Kite Flying

Flute: Hide And Seek ,、Lantern 、Kite Flying

Cello: Hopscotch 、Kite Flying 、 Eagle Catches Chicken