About us

The United States International Music Competition is organized by the  United States International Music Foundation, affiliated with the Chinese Music Teachers’ Association of Northern California (CMTANC). The Foundation is a  501(c)(3) a tax exempt nonprofit organization. The competition, previously known as CMTANC International Youth Music Competition, has more than 20 years history,  provides young musicians with an opportunity to exhibit their talent and reward their hard work, as well as to encourage them to appreciate music cross-culturally.

United States International Music Foundation  美國國際音樂基金會
(United States International Music Competition)

President: Ling Lee 李玲 (E)                           Artistic Director: Daniel Cheng 程定一 (E)

Vice President: Daisy You 尤卉      Dr. Dongdong Dong董冬冬
Committees Chair: Ying Zhao 趙嬰    Dr. Chihjung Hsu 許芝榕     Doris Lin 林京潔 (E)
Jin Lin 林競 (E)     Jinye Wang 張潤儀              Sonya Yu 游上儀
Members: Kwok Ping Koo 顧國蘋      Chen Woo呂 珍     Chia-Chi Nina Yen 顏加棋      Dale Feng馮姍姍
USIMC Board Members Advisor:  Galen Lemmon
Legal Consultant 法律顧問: Tina Bao 鮑維江
Financial Consultant 財務顧問: Mark Shir 石海山
Registration system engineer 報名表設計工程師: Arthur Shir