2017 Winners

Congratulations to all the Winners of the
2017 United States International Music Competition!

Note for the Winners’ Concerts:

  • All winners should pick up their Trophy, Award and Certificate at the First United Methodist Church (625 Hamilton Ave,Palo Alto, CA 94301) on Sat., Aug.19, from 2:30pm to 7:00pm.
  • All winners will get 2 free tickets for Concert I.
  • Only winner performers for Concert II will get 2 free tickets for Concert II.
  • Every performer of either Concert needs to check-in 45 min. prior to the concert time.
  • If winner cannot attend the Concert on the day, a $30 fees (domestic) and $50 (international) of handling and shipping will be charged to mail the trophy and prize to the winner. (updated on Aug. 16)
  • There are two Winners Concerts. Concert I is at 3 PM; Concert II is at 6:30 PM. Both are at the First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto.
  • Winners will receive information regarding the Winners Concerts, including Winners’ Concert Program.
  • The Winners’ Concert Program will be chosen by the judges, for all First Place winners.
  • Each winner including First, 2nd, 3rd Places and Honorable Mention will receive two (2) FREE Winners’ Concert tickets associated with the assigned Award Ceremony/Concerts (either I or II), one for winner and one for the winner’s parent to attend.
  • Concert I, other than performing winners, is open to all FINALISTS of all categories, including contestants of the Chinese Music Award and Special Theme – J. S. Bach Award categories. One free ticket will be given to the FINALISTS at the Will Call, checking in required. Check-in time is 30 min. prior to the Concert time.
  • Concert II includes the Winners’ Concert and the Violin Concert by the renowned violinist, winner of the 12th International Tchaikovsky Competition, Xi Chen.

Only winners who are assigned to this Winners’ Concert II will receive 2 free tickets of  this specific Concert.    

  • Concert tickets can be purchased at USIMC’s online market or at the First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto.

Concert I only: $20; Concert II only: $40; Concert I & II Package: $50.

Congratulations again to all the winners. Invite your family and friends to share this glorious moment!
The CMTANC-USIMF is grateful for having great partners like you who strongly support the music education and our events.

  • 優勝者演奏會詳情將會發送給優勝者.
  • 優勝者演奏會曲目由裁判指定.
  • 每位優勝者 (含第一﹑第二﹑第三及佳獎) 可得兩張免費優勝者演奏會入場劵,   一張優勝者本人使用﹑一張一位家長使用參加頒獎典禮.
  • 優勝者演奏會 I, 3:00 PM:  免費開放給所有進入決賽者.  可領有一張免費入場劵,  限決賽者本人使用.  請於音樂會開幕前30 分鐘報到憑劵進場.
  • 優勝者演奏會 II, 6:30 PM:  優勝者演奏會包含小提琴家陳曦獨奏會.  陳曦是為第12屆國際柴可夫斯基小提琴大賽的冠軍得主.  敬請把握機會觀摩傑出世界大師的演出!
  • 僅有指定參加優勝者演奏會 II 者可得二張免費演奏會 II 入場劵.  欲觀賞優勝者演奏會 II 可另行購買.

敬請邀請朋友家人一同共襄盛舉,  分享得獎榮光與喜悅.
恭喜每位參賽學生完成高水準成績!  感謝家長大力支持與 CMTANC-USIMF 共同努力,  為孩子的音樂教育竭心盡力!

Piano A
First Place –
Anson Ng
2nd Place – Jonathan Szeto
3rd Place – Claire Chang & Stanley Du
Honorable Mention – Jasleen Lu, Yizhuo Teresa Wang & Celicia Thendean

Piano B
First Place –
Nathaniel Zhang
2nd Place – Darren Lin & Christopher Sun
3rd Place – Ray Chen

Piano C
First Place – Jonathan Qin
2nd Place – Jeston Lu
3rd Place – Yejin Song & Justin Wahby
Honorable Mention – Luke Chen, Angela Gigi Tsang, Andy Wang, and Christopher Yao

Piano D
First Place – Roger Xia
2nd Place – Rachel Guo
3rd Place – Stacey Chen
Honorable Mention – Alexander Cho, Justine Cho & Derek Lim

Piano E
First Place – Huan Yang
No 2nd Place awarded
3nd Place – Ying-Chen Kuo
Honorable Mention – Xin Wang

Violin A
First Place – Valery Breshears
2nd Place – Aidan Kwon
3rd Place – Stephen King
Honorable Mention – Meera Kalluraya

Violin B
First Place – Dustin Breshears, Jr.
2nd Place – Rubi Lee
3rd Place – Masanaga Seno

Violin C
First Place – Andrew Gao
2nd Place – Caleb Chen
3rd Place – Julia Wang
Honorable Mention – Jenna Seohyeong Kang

Violin D
First Place – Sophie Zhang
2nd Place – Roger Xia
3rd Place – Constance Horng
Honorable Mention – Arin Chang & Yu-Wei Kuo